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About Us

Imagine a world where businesses aspired to be something better. A world where the team is engaged, skilled and motivated, and customers receive true value for money. Imagine a world where we all worked together and contributed to solving the major issues we face. Now wouldn’t this be a more genuinely rewarding way to grow, work and live? This is why we exist!



We are entrepreneurs, marketers, strategists, designers, business structure fans, data experts, ethical technology lovers, and completely get how important your business is to you. We have over 16 years of experience in growing, reinventing and scaling businesses.

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Whether you’re an SME, start-up, or scaleup our approach is collaborative, focused on growth, guided by values, and staying ahead of the curve.

THE LEAD ICON came to life when our friends noticed how successful we were at reinventing and growing businesses, so they asked if we could help them. We were also disappointed with the cost and quality of providers who offered SME coaching, business consulting and team performance management. We decided to merge the three and create a unique hybrid experience. We haven’t looked back since.

From Day 1 of working with us, you will move from unease and feeling overwhelmed to reconnecting with your vision, team and business. Together we will advance how you grow or reinvent yourself.


By converging trends, heart, technology, and people genius, we’re solving the problem of accelerating business longevity and efficiencies at scale regardless of the external environment.


After graduating with an MBA and successfully exiting her Health Care company, THE LEAD ICON’s journey started on a rainy August day in 2018. Dijana walked into the Macquarie University incubator sat at a hot desk, stared at her laptop, and asked, ‘How can I build a platform that truly helps SMEs grow?'. After frustratingly working with multiple software products, coaches, consultants, and business trainers, with no noticeable impact, Dijana made it her mission to develop a game-changing solution that accelerates innovation and growth for businesses.

This led her to develop a system that starts with a top to bottom analysis of the business right through to implementation, ongoing coaching, and adaption.

Dijana is brilliant at spotting opportunities where a business can change the status quo, do things differently and make life better for customers. She dreams big and cares a lot. When she is not helping a customer reach a breakthrough you can find her traveling somewhere off the beaten road. If you want to learn more about Dijana, check her LinkedIn page.

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