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Powering Business Growth Around the World

THE LEAD ICON is a place where leaders and teams around the world learn, thrive and succeed.


Be an open book

We are open, honest, and straightforward.

Empower Others

We empower others to achieve their goals.

Never give up

We don't give up when things get challenging.

Business Owner

nice to meet you!

We are on a mission to help 5 million businesses become financially strong and independent. How, you ask? By working alongside and guiding you in growing your business and team so that you can live a life that is fulfilling.

For 18 years we have been starting, building and exiting businesses. We focus on small and medium businesses below $15M in yearly sales.

We know what it takes to build sustainable wealth and great businesses.

the lead icon philosophy

What sets THE LEAD ICON apart is its forward-thinking approach. Unlike conventional models, THE LEAD ICON is committed to anticipating future trends and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. This future-minded perspective ensures that businesses not only survive but thrive in an ever-evolving global business ecosystem.  
Imagine a world where businesses aspired to be something better. A world where the team is engaged, skilled and motivated, and customers receive true value for money. Imagine a world where we all worked together and contributed to solving the major issues we face. Now wouldn’t this be a more genuinely rewarding way to grow, work and live? This is why we exist!

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Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating vibrant and prosperous economies driven by resilient, purpose-driven and growing businesses.

Happy Friends

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide entrepreneurs toward growth, success, resilience, and positive influence in the business landscape.

Business Family Tree

which brings us to you

"We went from serious leadership conflict and a reactive organisation to an aligned team, with a clear vision within several weeks." 

- AMN -

Meet the Founder

Dijana Dragomirovic, an entrepreneurial CEO and Founder with an MBA and several successful exits under her belt, observed a paradox in the business landscape. While a multitude of small and medium businesses across various industries thrive and consistently generate profits, statistics reveal a concerning trend – approximately 33% of small businesses face failure within the initial two years, with around 50% experiencing closure by the fifth year. Furthermore, only roughly 33% manage to endure beyond a decade.

Recognising the critical role small and medium-sized businesses play in fuelling prosperous economies, Dijana established THE LEAD ICON in 2021 with a mission to address this disparity. With a dynamic and talented global  team, the focus is on delivering effective, outcome-based coaching, programs, tools, digital playbooks, knowledge, and industry insights tailored to empower small businesses in their development and growth journeys.

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