Business DNA Analysis

This assessment will uncover the strengths and weaknesses within your business, and recommend the steps required to ensure long term sustainable success. 

Do Your Growth & Sales

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From understanding your business challenges to stepping up to new levels of business success, THE LEAD ICON brings together cutting edge tools and processes to optimise your growth strategy, revenue and brand.

Why The Lead Icon?


We conduct a comprehensive businessdiagnostic review to help you build a stronger company


With our help you will gain a global and future perspective and develop skills to be able to anciptpate future events and trends


Empower and align your team, management and board by making more porfitable and intelegent decisions


Transform your brand, leadership and business to create a leap in value and make more money

Our Founder

Dijana is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator, speaker, writer and business leader, who draws high level experience from industries including, publishing, technology, law, fashion retail, film & TV, consulting and health. With two successful business exists behind her, Dijana knows about scaling an enterprise and turning business challenges into success. There was a moment in her last company where it was growing rapidly and it left her feeling constantly overwhelmed. Dijana realised that she was taking the wrong approach to implementation, expansion and investment, this compelled her to develop a game changing solution that accelerates innovation and growth for businesses. Dijana is an advisory board member for the Macquarie University Incubator and holds an MBA from Macquarie Business School.

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