We care deeply about offering the most leader-friendly growth and scale experience in the world.


B iconic program

Supercharge bold entrepreneurial leadership skills needed to confidently drive your business and team into a strong and transformative future. Tailored for business owners, CEOs, and directors of SMEs,

Start-ups, and Scale-ups

Program Starts: October 2022


B growth program

THE LEAD ICON is on a mission to help 20,000 SMEs unlock their growth potential, make confident decisions, lead more effectively, build a high-performance culture and introduce new revenue streams, products/services, and processes. 

Program Starts: February 2023


B high performance program

An exciting program that supercharges your competitive advantage and team’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. You will learn how to develop trust relationships, drive accountability, and leverage growth experiences to propel your team to the highest level of success.



B strategic program

Do you have a comfortable relationship with uncertainty and have a team that has a clear idea of where the business is going and what challenges lay ahead? In this robust program, we will demystify and help you develop your strategy.



Iconic Bussines Growth

bscale package product

A one-of-a-kind approach to futureproofing your business starts with full business analysis. From here we're with you all the way with strategy development, coaching, staff & business performance, and result measurement. 

Ultimate business
growth package

business dna analysis product

A comprehensive inside-outside assessment of your business to help get you back on track and recalibrate where you want to go. Helping you tackle core challenges so you can pivot and build an iconic business.  

Business Intelligence

future strategy scenario matrix product

THE LEAD ICON strategy scenario matrix will give you the confidence to handle any external environmental event and opportunity with clarity and strategic dexterity.


growth and scale canvas product

Map out your growth and strategy program with an instructional guide. Visualize complex business issues. The canvas will allow you to describe, design, and challenge your business model.


work from home program product

Working from home is part of life now.

THE  LEAD ICON being a virtual company shares tips and strategies on how to build a high-performing team and get work out.

Virtual Sessions

build a high performance team product

Creating a high-performing workplace is much more than hiring the right people. In this development and performance program, you will equip your workplace and set them up for success.

Training & 

leadership intelligence product

For businesses to grow strongly through the next decade, business owners will need to blend high-performance experience, knowledge, new learnings and be adaptable. Learn how to lead at the edge.

Training & 

talent acquisition onboarding and induction program product

Employee experience during the early stages is a prime opportunity for you to win the hearts and minds of new talent. This step-by-step guide helps position your business as a high-performing one.

Training &