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Unleashing the Power of Marketing - A Blueprint for Fast-Growing SMEs

Is the concept of marketing leaving you feeling dizzy? You're certainly not alone, as a significant

number of founders of SMEs grapple with the enormity and complexity that marketing often

presents. According to US Bank 78% of SMEs fail because they lack a well-developed business and

marketing plan. In Australia one in three new small businesses fail in their first year of operations

and three out of four by the fifth year.

Unfortunately, businesses don’t have the time, marketing expertise and analytical skills needed to

develop an integrated marketing strategy. In today's fast-paced business landscape, the growth

trajectory of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be likened to a rocket shooting towards

the sky. The possibilities are immense, but the journey requires careful navigation. Among the

crucial tools in the arsenal of these ambitious entities, marketing stands tall as the guiding star. For

SMEs an effective marketing strategy is not just an option – it's a non-negotiable imperative.

The Landscape of Marketing for Fast-Growing SMEs

Picture this: You have a brilliant product or service, and it’s destined to reshape the market, only of

you could connect with the right customers. First things first do you have the right marketing tool set

and strategy, is your offering hidden in the shadows, obscured from the eyes of potential customers.

In the today’s business arena, marketing isn't just about selling and getting as many followers – it's about telling a compelling story that captures hearts and minds.

According to CB Insights, 42% of businesses fail due to unoriginal or useless products and services.

Fast-growing SMEs are often caught in a whirlwind of activities – from managing operations to

handling finances – and marketing sometimes takes a back seat. This is where the danger lies. In an

era defined by online transformation and fierce competition, neglecting marketing can be a costly

misstep. Your competitors are actively vying for the same space, and without a business and

strategic marketing plan, your SME risks being left behind.

The Pitfalls and Challenges

Navigating the marketing landscape can be a daunting task for SMEs. Common pitfalls include,

inconsistent branding, undefined target audiences, no designated marketing function, lacklustre

social media presence, and inadequate measurement of marketing efforts are just a few of the traps

that can undermine growth.

Inconsistent branding sends mixed signals to your audience, diluting the impact of your message.

Failing to not only define a precise target audience and then understanding their needs can lead to

wasteful spending and missed opportunities. An ineffective social media strategy can leave your SME

disconnected from its digital-savvy consumers. And without proper measurement and analysis, you

might find yourself sailing blindly, unaware of what's working and what's not.

The Solution: THE LEAD ICON's Full Marketing Package

Recognising these challenges, forward-thinking SMEs are turning to comprehensive solutions to

ensure their marketing efforts yield optimal results. Enter THE LEAD ICON's Full Marketing Package –

a game-changer for SMEs seeking unparalleled expansion.

This self-directed or guided all-encompassing package is not just a toolbox; it's a strategic blueprint

for success. Crafted with the unique needs of fast-growing SMEs in mind, it provides a roadmap to

navigate the complex world of marketing. From defining your brand identity to formulating a target

audience strategy, every aspect of your marketing journey is meticulously covered.

Case Study: A Boutique Law Firm in Brisbane Australia

A small law firm specialising in family and property law and estate planning, possessed a wealth of

legal expertise and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. However, their limited marketing

activities were preventing them from reaching their desired growth targets and establishing a

distinct presence in the competitive legal landscape.

The Challenge: Legal Excellence Hindered by Marketing Limitations

The law firm prided themselves on their legal acumen and personalised client approach. However,

their lack of a robust marketing strategy hindered their ability to showcase their expertise and

connect with a wider customer base seeking legal guidance and representation.

Pitfall 1: Thin Online Visibility

The law firm's online presence was confined to a basic website with minimal information about their

services and team. This restricted their visibility in online search results, making it challenging for

potential clients to discover their specialised legal offerings.

Pitfall 2: Absence of Thought Leadership

Despite their extensive legal knowledge, the law firm did not actively engage in sharing insights or

thought leadership within their practice areas. This absence of informative content prevented them

from positioning themselves as authorities in family law, property and estate planning.

Pitfall 3: Neglecting Client Testimonials

They had a history of successfully resolving complex legal cases, resulting in satisfied clients.

However, they did not actively collect and showcase client testimonials, missing an opportunity to

build credibility and trust with potential clients.

Missed Client Opportunities and Diminished Growth

The firm's marketing gaps directly impacted their ability to attract new clients and expand their

client base. Potential clients seeking family law, property or estate planning services were likely to

overlook them in favour of firms with a stronger online presence and demonstrated expertise.

Turning the Tide: Embracing Strategic Marketing Approaches

Recognising the need for a comprehensive marketing transformation, the law firm embarked on a

journey to amplify their presence and strengthen their client relationships.

Solution 1: Revamping Online Presence

The law firm revamped their website, creating a user-friendly platform that provided in-depth

information about their legal services, team members, and case successes. The website also

featured a blog section where they shared informative articles about family law and estate planning,

showcasing their thought leadership, that was then linked to their socials. They even started a You

Tube Channel.

Solution 2: Showcasing Client Success Stories

They actively collected and shared client testimonials, detailing successful case outcomes and client

experiences. These testimonials were prominently featured on their website and marketing

materials, building trust and credibility with potential clients.

Solution 3: Engaging Social Media Campaigns

The firm established an active presence on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube and X,

sharing relevant legal updates, informative content, and engaging posts that showcased their

expertise. This expanded their reach and allowed them to connect with a wider audience seeking

legal guidance.

Outcome: Heightened Visibility and Reputation

As the firm embraced these changes, their online visibility and credibility surged. They began

attracting a broader range of clients seeking expert legal assistance in family law and estate planning

matters. Their active thought leadership and client success stories further solidified their reputation

as a reliable and knowledgeable legal partner.

Take Back Control

The initial step involves setting up a customised marketing strategy that caters to your unique

requirements. Here, THE LEAD ICON’s comprehensive marketing package comes into play as your

valuable aid.

But don't just take our word for it; here's what another satisfied client has to say:


Anna, Founder & Accountant: “On the day I began my collaboration with THE LEAD ICON, I was

apprehensive. Opting for their guided marketing package turned out to be a transformative decision.

Their assistance in setting up everything astounded me; as someone inclined towards numbers, I

unexpectedly began to love marketing. They seamlessly managed the intricate aspects, providing

clear directives for me to follow.”


Flexibility and customisation are at the heart of our package. Each business can tailor the package to

align with their unique goals, industry nuances, and budgetary constraints. This adaptability ensures

that SMEs receive a personalised toolkit that suits their aspirations.

Our competitively priced package opens doors to a world of exceptional value, delivering tangible

results without exorbitant costs.

The Full Marketing Package empowers SMEs to take control of their social media presence,

effectively manage digital assets, and harness the power of storytelling to create meaningful

connections with customers. In the realm of business, where aspirations are boundless and growth is

the mantra, be part of the 22 % and accelerate your journey leaving an indelible mark on your

market and set yourself apart from the competition.

Learn how THE LEAD ICON’s Full Marketing Package can help you HERE.