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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol for the 40 day challenge?

Simply click the enrol now function at the top of the page and follow the prompts given.

How will I access the 40 day challenge?

You will receive an email with all the instructions you need to begin and finish the 40-day challenge. The Lead Icon website will also feature a page dedicated to the 40-day challenge where you can register and track your progress.

How will I get access to the materials I need for the 40 day challenge?

A workbook will be sent out to participants as soon as they sign up that will have all the materials you need to complete the 40 day challenge.

Do I need to start the course in a specific order?

The 40 day challenge is organised in a particular manner so that you can gradually improve your knowledge and abilities to take your business to the next level.

Is this 40 day challenge 100% online or will there be a face-to-face element?

The 40 day challenge is self-directed and 100% online.

Will I be undertaking this 40 day challenge by myself or with my team?

Despite the fact that this 40-day challenge is aimed at business leaders, there are some days that are focused on teamwork and require you to work with your team.

Is there help still provided if there is any misunderstanding throughout the 40 day challenge?

Yes, the phone number and email address are provided on the website in case you need any assistance during the 40-day challenge.

Will I receive a reminder each day in order to remember to complete that day's challenge?

Yes, each day you will receive a reminder by email and SMS to make sure you don't forget.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge before starting the 40 day challenge?

No prior knowledge and experience is required as you will be provided with all the necessary materials to build your understanding before applying it to the daily activities.

How will I track my progress?

You’ll have tasks to accomplish each day, either by yourself or with your team, in order to put what you have learned that day into practice. By doing this, you can track your development and how much you're learning.

How much does the Ultimate Business Scale Challenge cost?

The Challenge will cost $

Are there financial options available?

If you can’t afford the upfront fees, you may apply for a payment plan where instalments can be made each week. (5 instalments total)

Will the challenge be offered in other languages?

This 40 day challenge is currently only available in English.

Will I gain a certificate after completing the 40 day challenge?

Yes, all participants who successfully complete the 40 day challenge will receive a certificate to show and recognise the advancement you've made as a leader for your business.

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