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The Profound Power of Purpose for Business Founders for SMEs and Startups

Power of purpose

Within entrepreneurship, there exists a fundamental truth that often goes unnoticed amidst the pursuit of profits: the depth of one's purpose dictates the resilience with which they face adversity. As founders grow their businesses, the lure of monetary gains might seem enticing, but it is the grounding force of a higher purpose that truly defines their mettle.

A Fragile Foundation in Business

When the foundation of a business venture rests solely on the pursuit of wealth, it shakes on fragile ground. Monetary goals and allocation, while important, lack the inherent strength to weather the storms that inevitably come. When faced with setbacks, the absence of a purpose leaves entrepreneurs vulnerable and disheartened, lacking the fortitude to rise above challenges time and time again.

Consider the story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, a healthcare technology company. Holmes was driven by the pursuit of wealth, aiming to revolutionise the medical industry. However, her venture collapsed when it was revealed that the technology didn't work as claimed. Without a deeper purpose beyond financial gains, Holmes' empire crumbled, illustrating the vulnerability of a foundation built solely on monetary pursuits.

Elevating Purpose

In stark contrast, entrepreneurs propelled by a purpose that transcends personal enrichment find themselves equipped with an unyielding anchor. Whether driven by a desire to provide for their family, empower their team, contribute to their country, or uplift humanity, these visionaries possess a reservoir of resilience that runs deep. Their ambitions are fuelled not by the allure of money, but by an unwavering commitment to a cause larger than themselves.

For example, Emily, a Founder with a deep commitment to addressing food insecurity in her community. Her purpose is grounded in making a meaningful societal change. When her social enterprise faced media scepticism and logistical challenges, Emily's dedication served as a steadfast anchor. Her resilience stemmed from a purpose larger than herself, enabling her to navigate adversity and emerge stronger.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Turbulence and entrepreneurship go hand in hand—financial uncertainties, market fluctuations, partnership divorce, and fierce competition—it is the entrepreneur who does not buckle under pressure, blame others; or runs away, instead, they draw strength from who they serve and what they work tirelessly to overcome, both within themselves and their outside world. Adversity becomes a challenge to overcome, not a signal to surrender. With each setback, their purpose propels them forward, undeterred and determined.

Look at Alex, a healthcare innovator passionate about improving access to medical services for vulnerable people. Despite regulatory hurdles and funding constraints, his commitment to saving lives fuelled his determination. Alex focused on building relationships and negotiating compliance issues. Each setback became a challenge to innovate and advocate for healthcare equality.

Discovering Your True North

As a founder, the essential question echoes not about what the business can offer you, but about what impact your business can make on others. Embrace a purpose that resonates with the core of your being, one that mirrors the aspirations of your family, your team, your community, or humanity itself. Let this purpose guide your path through the highs and lows.

Imagine Jennifer, whose nonprofit organisation aimed to provide mentorship and educational opportunities to underprivileged youth. Her purpose was crystal clear: to empower future generations with knowledge and guidance. This higher calling provided Jennifer with clarity, enabling her to make decisions that aligned with her core values and societal betterment.

Embracing Fear

In the heart of every entrepreneur, fear often dwells as an unwelcome guest, whispering doubts and uncertainties. However, the most resilient among us recognise fear not as a deterrent, but as a catalyst for courageous action. Instead of fearing the prospect of loss or poverty, acknowledge that within fear lies the potential for extraordinary growth. When harnessed, fear becomes a driving force, to meticulously plan, innovate, and execute with precision.

Think for a moment about what is your relationship with fear — do you avoid it or deal with it. The fear of failure or being exposed becomes a motivator, turn up the dial to strategize, adapt, and persevere. It's not merely about saving for a rainy day; it's about cultivating the courage to face uncertainty and responsibility head-on. Every decision becomes a stepping stone and every setback a lesson.

The true essence of enduring success lies not in the pursuit of wealth alone, but in the unwavering commitment to a purpose larger than oneself. Embrace a cause that resonates with your core, and witness how it transforms your entire journey. Your voyage, when steered by purpose, transcends the confines of business and people behaviours; it becomes a remarkable odyssey toward profound, lasting impact.


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