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People, knowledge, smart prioritisation, and ethical technology, are four strategic assets needed to build resilient businesses capable of tackling new and emerging challenges. Our approach to working with customers involves a fusion of our values, knowledge, networks, and experience.



One-of-a-kind business approach to scaling your business

B - Scale: A leading four-step package designed to help SMEs succeed.

1. Growth & Scale Consulting 
2. Evidence-Based Coaching  

3. Training & Development
4. Automation & Technology Development 

growth and scale consulting session
evidance based coaching session
training and development session
automation and technology development


Our approach is collaborative, transparent, partner intensive,
and focused on solving the right questions.

1. Business DNA Analysis

Rediscover your passion and reconnect with your business. The inward outward comprehensive business DNA analysis will give you insights into the strengths, weaknesses, blindspots, threats, and opportunities.

circle of THE LEAD ICON process

3. Evidence-based coaching

With 80% of strategies failing, together we will create quality tactics, successfully implement them and map out scenarios to propel business performance. 

Cutting edge coaching that focus on developing a great culture and ensure you get the best out of your team and yourself.

5. Monitoring and adaption

Milestones, results, and action taken will be used to determine adaption, and effectiveness and ensure growth is headed in the right direction.

6. Automation & technology development

Discover how to accelerate growth and achieve operational excellence, reduce team stress and increase profit.

4. Training & Development

Measure your training and development program to accelerate team and business growth.

programs image individual solutions


Develop Iconic Potential

THE LEAD ICON offers intensive business packages about  leadership and business growth, giving you the tools, knowledge, and support needed to confidently reach your goals and vision.

Discover our

We work with our customers to discover untapped demand, build brands that stand apart and implement compelling strategies.
We are with you all the way.

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