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Your Business DNA Assessment

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Welcome to The Lead Icon's Business DNA Analysis Questionnaire

This evaluation tool will uncover the strengths and weaknesses within your business, and recommend the steps required to ensure long-term sustainable success. After completing this assessment you will be given detailed results on how your business can benefit from The Lead Icon's resources.

Please follow the outlined guide featured below:

1: Click onto the "Click Here To Begin" button below.

2: You will be redirected to the first page of questions where you will be able to begin selecting your responses.

3: By clicking "BACK" and "NEXT", will allow you to move through each section of this tool.

4: Once you have finished, you will be asked to fill in your details before progressing to your personalised results page.

5: With this personalised results page, both you and The Lead Icon can work together towards growing your business to its' full potential.

Result Average

Result Percent

Leadership & Capability

Leadership & Capability Percent

Leadership & Capability Feedback

Talent & Culture

Talent & Culture percent

Talent & Culture Feedback

Customer Centricity & Success

Customer Centricity & Success Percent

Customer Centricity & Success Feedback

Business & Strategic Impact

Business & strategic Impact Percent

Business & Strategic Impact Feedback

Growth, Management & Innovation

Growth, Management & Innovation Percent

Growth, Management & Innovation Feedback

Brand, Sales & Marketing

Brand Sales & Marketing Percent

Brand, Sales & Marketing Feedback

Financial, Legal & IP

Financial, Legal & IP Percent

Financial, Legal & IP Feedback

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