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Automation Doubling Revenue

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The Challenge

Against a backdrop of lockdowns and industry hyperbole, how do you output more building defect reports, without increasing the hours of the team and adding more costs to the bottom line. 
A leading Australian building expert report provider asked us to help them explore ways to decrease the reactive nature of booking customers and delivering extremely technical reports. 

Our Approach

The comprehensive Business DNA Analysis revealed the underlying obstacles were being caused by the CEO’s past experience where growth became out of control, issues of trust to delegate key responsibilities, and the complexity in training and coaching a multiracial team.

The Results

Automation and technology development improved report volume output and decreased the turnaround time needed to write and deliver reports. Revenues tripled, while individual capacity increased by 40% without requiring staff to work longer hours.

A Patient and Doctor
Centred Health Model

The Challenge

With greater regulations being placed on doctors and health professionals, the health care model in most Western Countries is shifting to the state, corporations, and data sitting at the centre of health care. This is causing compromises to patient treatment outcomes because doctors are being controlled by government agencies to follow singular treatment protocols.

Our Approach

We worked with regulators, legal experts, and the medical establishment to develop a strategy that would empower doctors and rebuild trust and ethical practice with patients.

The Results

The network is now the fastest-growing inclusive medical and health professional organisation in Australia. Offering doctors and patients educational programs to improve national health. Supporting doctors through spurious litigation and lobbying governments to keep the patient and choice at the centre of health care.

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Building A High Performance Team

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The Challenge

Attracting skilled and experienced employees is the number one challenge for many businesses. While technology and automation can help businesses scale faster and smarter, without a team who can utilise technology to its fullest capacity, growth will be underwhelming and expensive.

Our Approach

An emerging and fast-growing company who are experts in building fire safety, approached THE LEAD ICON because they had no problem attracting skilled and motivated university graduates, the problem was senior employees were very difficult to attract. Our customer’s team was not experienced in handling complex jobs on their own. This left the CEO and founder overwhelmed and overworked.

The Result

After developing a performance and development program for everyone, plus empowering the CEO to delegate more and allow individual team members to take on more risk and responsibility, the team started to act more cohesively and proactively. Stress and chaos were dramatically decreased, and revenue and capacity increased.

Going Digital to Transform
Immigration Experiences

The Challenge

Countries use skilled international labour to fill skills gaps. The application process to obtain working Visa’s requires legal dexterity and extreme attention to detail ensuring all documentation is obtained, interpreted, and lodged.

Our Approach 

A fast-growing immigration law firm approached THE LEAD ICON to help them differentiate and design digital processes to make the customer application experience more seamless and less reliant on traditional administrative tools.

The Results

Underutilisation of key software played a central point in workflow and process challenges. Key staff were trained, and the entire application process was automated. The new digital strategy now delivers faster communications, increased customer referrals, and an enhanced service development process. 

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