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Unique Solutions

Smart growth is in our customers' DNA and we have the privilege of working with industry trailblazers. Our expertise has helped companies and teams exceed their expectations and there is no one model that fits all, every customer is unique.

Find out below and on our LinkedIn page how we helped our customers thrive.

Automation Tripling Revenue

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The Challenge

Against a backdrop of lockdowns and industry hyperbole, how do you output more building defect reports, without increasing the hours of the team and adding more costs to the bottom line? 

This leading Australian construction and design expert approached THE LEAD ICON to provide solutions that would transform their operational job scheduling and customer communication systems. In addition, automating customer booking processes and reports.

Our Approach

The first step was to conduct a comprehensive Business DNA Analysis which revealed all underlying people, customer, process, operational, financial, technological, and promotional issues. After providing a current state report the customer and THE LEAD ICON developed specific strategies to help the company achieve their desired goals and objectives.

The Results

Automation and technology development improved report volume output and decreased the turnaround time needed to write and deliver reports. Revenues tripled, while individual capacity increased by 40% without requiring employees to work longer hours.

A Patient and Doctor
Centred Health Model

The Challenge

The health and wellbeing industry is on the brink of large-scale disruption. In a future of health that’s defined by data and technology, what role will patient-driven care and privacy play? This fast-growing Australian medical and health network is aiming to solve this problem by focusing on scientific personalised wellness approaches, transforming the current health ecosystem, and supporting medical innovations that will help ensure Australians live healthier, longer, and more productive lives.

Our Approach

The first step was to conduct a Business and Industry DNA Analysis, which also involved consultation with various health health industry experts to uncover the clinician and patient pain points, treatment innovations, and regulatory and organisational challenges. 

Working with the board, senior management, the support team, and key partners a scale-up strategy was developed. THE LEAD ICON is helping the network implement and monitor strategic priorities, critical milestones, and success factors. 

The Results

The network is now the fastest growing inclusive medical and health professional organisation in Australia. Its membership numbers continue to grow and its reach is national. The network serves  experiences for medical, health clinicians, and the wider Australian community who are after trusted, personalised and safe health and wellbeing services. Events, educational programs, research opportunities, medical resources, and medical-legal support are offered to all members.

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Building A High Performance Team

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The Challenge

Attracting and retaining skilled and motivated employees is the number one challenge for many businesses. While technology can help businesses scale faster and smarter, without a high performing team, growth will be slow paced, expensive and frustrating. This was a challenge that our customer was facing when they decided to turn to THE LEAD ICON.

Our Approach

Our customer is an emerging and fast growing company who are experts in fire and life safety for buildings.  Due to the importance of adhering to compliance providing expert opinion, employees are required to be highly qualified. Our client was both inexperienced and struggling to attract senior employees. This left the founder overwhelmed and unable to focus on strategy and growth.

The Result

After developing a hiring strategy and performance and development program, the CEO started to delegate work which allowed individual team members to take on more responsibility. The team started to act more cohesively and proactively. Stress and chaos across the whole business culture was dramatically reduced, while revenue and efficiencies increased. 

Going Digital to Transform
Immigration Experiences

The Challenge

Countries use skilled international labour to fill skill gaps. Currently, there is a global skills shortage causing a tight labour market and affecting company growth. Our client identified a gap in the market and wanted to create a workforce solutions strategy. In addition to this, they needed help to automate and streamline the Visa application process. Communication and obtaining important documents was a major paint point for our client.

Our Approach 

The first step was to conduct a comprehensive Business DNA analysis. We then redesigned the entire customer journey, experience, and communication process. A new strategic plan was created to incorporate changes in hiring, service development, the way the company marketed their services, how operational systems would be used to improve service delivery and growth.

The Results

Improved integration and use of key software played a central role in shifting workflow and cash flow. New employees were hired and trained to automate and streamline the entire immigration application process. Our client's response and service delivery times improved drastically along with faster communications, customer referrals increased, new services were introduced, and the entire customer experience was elevated to new levels.

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Powering Business Growth Across Australia

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