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Leadership Empowerment - A 7- Part Challenge for a Fulfilled Life and Business Growth

TLI 7 day challenge day 1

If you want to live a fulfilled life and grow your business with confidence, take this 7 part challenge. It will dramatically improve your emotional and social intelligence and how you handle adversity. A new challenge will be released every Thursday.

Challenge Part 1 Self-Awareness

Today start your day by practicing self-awareness. Take a few minutes to reflect on your emotions and thoughts, and don't B/S yourself. Acknowledge your strengths and areas for growth. Knowing what makes you feel a certain way gives you the power to respond deliberately rather than impulsively. Check in with your emotional state every hour and ask yourself, "Why did I feel good or bad an hour ago and now I feel good or bad?" You should also consider whether outside circumstances, people, or events had an impact on you and why you allowed them to do so. When you get through the first day, in the evening write down your insights and where your inner weaknesses are. Repeat daily for a whole week.

Until next week's challenge, choose the iconic path!


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