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The business environment is significantly changed. In the future, leaders will be required to keep up with rapid change, increased regulation, and an uncertain business environment. To withstand external and internal pressures and forge forward, you need a coach and THE LEAD ICON can help!


  • Tailored to empower you and your needs

  • Supportive network 

  • Better control your emotions and communication capabilities

  • Enhance your performance and learn new leadership and business capabilities

  • Reduce your fears of success or failure

  • Drastically improve relationships

  • Complete confidentiality 

  • Eliminate chaos from your life

  • 1:1 sessions to help you set objectives, identify what you want, and keep you on track to get you there

coaching image individual solutions

Book your 1:1 coaching session NOW!

Corridor Meeting

3 Sessions Package

1.5 hour session

1 session per week

Price: $1.850

Informational Interview

5 Sessions Package

1.5 hour session

Price: $3.100

Working Together

10 Sessions Package

1.5 hour session

Price: $6.000

If at first, you don’t succeed, try doing
what your coach told you to do the first time.

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