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The ultimate 40 day 
business scaling challenge

Business growth and scale are fundamental to ensuring your business can reach its full potential no matter what the external environment throws at you. Part art, part science in this groundbreaking challenge you will turn chaos and feeling stuck into leveling up and tripling your monthly revenues.

Highly interactive, hands on
& self directed challenge


Over the next 40 days you and your team will immerse yourselves in changing the course of your business. The challenge is designed to help you drive meaningful change. Each day you will receive an email with instructions on what to focus on for that day.


During the challenge you're also welcome to meet with like minded professionals which will help you expand your network.  You’ll also be able to share with each other your stories, ideas, problems and solutions.

What you will master in the next 40 days...

Elevate your leadership skills and improve relationships both professionally and personally 

The key components and elements needed to successfully grow and scale

Staying ahead and meeting the needs of your customers and other stakeholders 

How to put right people in the right roles

Get your finances in order and boost operational and tax efficiencies

Challenge overview

Determine the direction you envision your company taking by establishing goals and learning how to use the Business DNA Analysis to pinpoint the areas that require improvement.


Master the fundamentals of setting strategic priorities and goals for the upcoming six months, as well as gaining a better understanding on finance, business structure (tax efficiencies, company, trust), and customers.


Discover how to maintain a high performance team, culture, operations and marketing in order to take your business to the next level.


Gain foundational knowledge that will elevate your leadership skills, emotional intelligence, workplace environment and ability to implement change with ease.


Applying everything you've learned over the course of the 40-day challenge will enable you to successfully implement and prioritise the scaling strategy for your company.


You will be able to put all the key aspects you’ve mastered during the last 5 weeks into action. You will also be looking at your competitors and then implementing the scaling strategy for your organisation.


Who will benefit

Book Store Owner

Business owners

Through the 40 day challenge, you as a leader will be able to take your small and fast growing business (5 - 100 employees) to the next level by enhancing and strengthening your business knowledge and leadership skills.

Team Meeting

Corporate entrepreneurs

By undertaking the 40 day challenge you as a leader will be able to improve the performance of your business by developing and broadening your thinking and competencies.

If you still have  doubts about The Ultimate Business Scale Challenge, check out our FAQ page or send us a line to

Start your transformation today!

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