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Challenge Part 2 – Addressing and Mitigating Your Fears

Use Murphy’s Law to unlock your personal and business growth!

Many people don’t realise that the more you fear something happening the more likely it is to occur. It's a fact of life that many individuals grapple with various forms of anxiety. At the core of these anxieties lie six fundamental fears:

  1. Fear of Poverty

  2. Fear of Loss of Love and Isolation

  3. Fear of Ill Health

  4. Fear of Death

  5. Fear of Criticism

  6. Fear of Old Age

1. List Your Fears

How frustrated are you with your life in this present moment? The first step to conquering your fear, begins by acknowledging your apprehensions and getting them out of your head. Start by listing all your fears and then arrange them in order of priority. Take the fear that tops your list and inquire honestly: What exactly am I afraid of? What am I afraid of losing and what unhelpful trade-offs am I making that are causing me to stay stuck? Gauge your fear and its intensity against the backdrop of the six basic fears.

2. Making Choices and Taking Action

The next step involves making a conscious choice regarding how you intend to address this fear. It's imperative to understand that confronting your fears is pivotal to you leading a fulfilled life and growing a business and team where you are making sound decisions and moves. If you need to enlist the help of a friend, family member or professional do it today.

3. Seven Days to Tackle Your Major Fears

Over the next seven days, channel your efforts towards dealing with your most significant fears. Avoid making excuses! Hold yourself accountable and eliminate excuses and make strides towards rectifying any mistakes so you can subdue your fears. Seeking external factors to blame your circumstances is an act of self-sabotage that hinders progress and destroys your joy.

We are always attempting to rationalise our behaviours to either run away from pain or run towards pleasure, it is a vicious cycle most don't even realise they are on. Brave people make progress and those who push back stay put. This is the biggest difference between people who coast and are unhappy and those who are living their best life. So when you are facing a problem, stop looking outside of yourself.

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