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Unleashing Your Inner Winner: The Path to Greatness

The Path to Greatness

In a world characterised by volatility and polarisation, what sets a LEAD ICON client apart from the rest? It's their crystal-clear objectives and a well-defined vision of their purpose. They know precisely where they want to go and why they exist.

Think about the individuals who have left an indelible mark on history, those who have fought for the vulnerable, exceeded their personal best, or transformed societies for the better. What distinguishes them? They chose to serve, lead, to create and make a difference, rather than consume and complain. If you aspire to make a difference, you must cultivate a particular mindset—a winner's mindset.

Novak Djokovic's recent victory at the US Open 2023 offered a glimpse into the power of this mindset. During his acceptance speech, he spoke about his friendship with the late Kobe Bryant and how they regularly discussed with each other their losses, wins, how to improve and the need to keep nurturing a winner's mentality. This struck me as crucial and wonderful. Upon reflection I analysed the many conversations that occur around me and noticed energy, frustration and time are wasted because of underlying unhelpful beliefs, inability to listen, judgements and fears.

Consider this: How many individuals do you have in your inner circle or network who genuinely want to see you succeed and are willing to help you reach your full potential? How many of those do you support to succeed? These individuals and relationships share certain key qualities:

  1. Learn from Success and Failure - They glean wisdom from both success and failure, using each as a stepping stone towards improvement.

  2. Consistency in the Face of Hardship - They stay committed even when the going gets tough, understanding that resilience is a cornerstone of achievement.

  3. Don't Take Life Personally - They don't dwell on personal slights or setbacks, instead focusing on the bigger picture.

  4. Motivation through Encouragement - Their words inspire and uplift rather than harm, put down or discourage.

  5. Relentless Action - They take action every day, understanding that progress requires consistent effort.

  6. Utilise Comfort Zones for Rejuvenation -They know when to step out of their comfort zones to recharge and grow.

  7. Possess a "Can-Do" Attitude - They approach challenges with a mindset that anything is possible.

  8. Passion for Their Craft - They love what they do, and this enthusiasm fuels their pursuit of excellence.

  9. Gratitude - They are grateful for their achievements and the opportunities life has bestowed upon them.

  10. Champion Others - They actively support and encourage the success of those around them.

  11. Lack of Envy - They don't covet the success or possessions of others; instead, they focus on their own objectives.

  12. Self-Confidence - They believe in themselves and their abilities.

  13. Forgiveness - They easily forgive others, understanding that holding grudges is counterproductive.

How To Cultivate a Winner’s Mentality

Admiration for winners is common. We respect those who consistently achieve success and excel in their undertakings. Yet, envy of other's success can signal a lack of clarity about our own life's direction. Setting clear objectives and having a vision for your life allows you to chart your unique path. It empowers you to define where you want to go and how to get there.

Rather than expending energy on criticising others or focusing on their achievements, channel that energy into self-improvement. Criticism should serve as a self- directed tool for personal growth, not a weapon against others. Criticising can backfire, often leading individuals to become entrenched in their resentment, need to control and therefore unable to evolve.

You possess the potential, and it requires discipline and effort. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden revealed the two traits shared by the greatest individuals:

  1. Self-Acknowledgment - Give yourself credit where it's due.

  2. Relentless Pursuit of Improvement - Continuously seek ways to improve. Start by focusing on 1% progress each day and before you know it the eternal world you want aligns with your internal world.

Greatness or even reaching your own highest personal potential doesn't manifest magically; it requires accountability, consistency, focus, after a setback getting up every time and an elevated attitude. By answering two simple questions each day, you can unlock your winner mentality:

  1. What Have I Done Well in the Last 24 Hours? Recognise even small successes.

  2. What Can I Improve Tomorrow? Identify one small improvement.

These questions, when answered consistently, shift your mindset toward focusing on movement forward and progress, nurturing self-confidence, improving relationships, building resilience, being of great service and boosting performance. Acknowledge your strengths and strive for a minimum of 1% daily continuous improvement, no matter how small. Always remember, cultivating a winner’s mentality is a journey and it is worth taking.

Remember to always take the iconic path.

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